The D.W. Perkins Bar Association has been serving the Jacksonville community in a myriad of ways since 1968. We welcome you to join one of our committees and to continuing a legacy of service with you.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee considers financial matters of the Association, including fundraising efforts.

Chair: Noel G. Lawrence, Esq.


Social Justice and Community Committee

The Social Justice and Community Committee serves a liaison between community initiatives and the Association. The committee will look for opportunities for the Association to serve the community and increase access and equity in the legal system.

Chair: Stephen Smith, Esq.

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Membership Committee

The membership committee monitors all aspects of membership, including invitations, engagement, and retention.

Chair: Kimberly Woods, Esq.


Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee coordinates the development and delivery of professional development training and resources for Association members. The Committee also coordinates pro bono opportunities for Association members to serve the Jacksonville Community.

Co-Chair: LaTonya Lipscomb Smith, Esq.

LaTonya Lipscomb Smith.jpg

Judicial Diversity

The Judicial Diversity Committee serves as a body to promote equal participation of historically underrepresented groups in the judiciary. This committee accomplishes this goal through educational experiences, outreach opportunities, and mentorship.

Co-Chairs: Leslie Jean-Bart, Esq. (left) & LaFonda Middleton, Esq. (right)

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LaFonda Middleton.jpg

Scholarship and Awards Banquet Committee

The Scholarship and Awards Banquet Committee is responsible for implementing our annual Scholarship Banquet. This banquet benefits middle, high, and law school students on their journey to join the legal profession.

Young Lawyers Division

The purpose of the Young Lawyers Division is to stimulate and encourage the interest and participation of D.W. Perkins members in the Association.

Co-Chairs: Nataija Brown, Esq. (left) & Destardes Moore, Esq. (right)

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Social Media and Marketing Committee

The Social Media and Marketing Committee is responsible for maintaining the online presence of the D.W. Perkins Bar Association. This committee will also help assist the President with outward branding of the organization.

Chair: Ebony Love, Esq.

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Future Leaders Program

The Future Leaders Program exposes scholars from William M. Raines and Jean Ribault High Schools to the legal profession. Students from each school are paired with an attorney mentors who work with the students throughout the academic year. The mentors coach the students on elements of trial practice, and at the end of the program, the students will argue their case before U.S. District Judge Brian Davis at the Bryan Simpson U.S. Courthouse.

Co-Chairs: Obinna Anum, Esq. (left), Christine Michel, Esq. (center), & LaToya Williams-Shelton, Esq. (right)

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